Tempat sangat bagus, lokasi jangan diragukan lagi. Desain kamar modern.
Posted By: Leonata, One-Bedroom Loft Sleep 4, 31 May – 1 June 2024 - TIKET
Location was excellent and staff was very welcoming.
Posted By: Weimar, Studio, 25-30 May 2024 - BOOKING.COM
Absolutely loved. Easy transport, nearby food and beach clubs. So much happening place.
Posted By: Yaser, One-Bedroom Loft Sleep 2, 19-21 May 2024 - AGODA
Kebersihan sangat terjamin. Ekonomis tapi eksklusif. Pelayanan tamu istimewa. Resepsionis yang ramah dan sigap.
Posted By: Florencia, Two-Bedroom Loft, 7-9 May 2024 - TIKET
Kebersihan sangat terjaga. Pelayanan handal.
Posted By: Florencia, One-Bedroom Loft Sleep 4, 4-7 May 2024 - TIKET
It's located right next to Potato Beach. It was a neat duplex and the bedding was clean. There was also a public swimming pool, but I couldn't take a picture. The reception was friendly. There's a gas stove and refrigerator, so it's great to cook ramen.
Posted By: Baek, One-Bedroom Loft Sleep 4, 31 March – 1 April 2024 - GOOGLE
Fantastic stay! I stayed in the studio room for 3 nights. My stay at this loft was nothing but fantastic! The staff are amiable and accommodating. The room was spacious, the pillows were soft, and the bed was comfortable. Amenities had zero issues. What makes or breaks a trip for me is the water pressure and temperature. Both were excellent throughout the day! Special mention to the staff who made my stay memorable (Rinni, Kadek Juni, Sinthia and Wayan Suparwan). Rinni managed my check in/out and she was very welcoming. Both processes were done swiftly. Additionally, she accompanied me to my room and did a mini tour so I was well accustomed. Kadek Juni always welcomed me and checked how my day was when I returned to the loft after a long day at night. He showed me around the loft as well. Sinthia was prompt in answering my requests, as I had some personal issues and needed some support from the team with regard to the deposit paid. She solved my issue within a few minutes. Wayan Suparwan helped me with ensuring the air condition was working well after i informed him that the air was not cool on my second day. He arranged for it to be fixed within a short period of time. The staff who were cleaning the rooms were pleasant and very welcoming too. Overall, my stay was terrific and I cannot wait to return! Thank you to all the staff who made my stay a memorable one! :)
Posted By: Arivalagan, Studio, 4-7 March 2024 - AGODA
Great stay. Super location, very friendly staff, cleanness and readiness are at high level. Lovely stay and definitely coming back.
Posted By: Aljehani, One-Bedroom Loft Sleep 2, 25 February - 6 March 2024 - AGODA
Nothing but praises. Staff were very welcoming, friendly and treated us very kindly. I love the location, room and everything about my stay. Thank you for the surprise birthday cake/mini celebration. You all were too sweet! Room was clean and spacious. Excellent for group! And every time we left or came back, we were greeted with smile at the reception. It made us feel at home. Will definitely recommend and book a second time when i visit Bali in the future. Until then…
Posted By: Qistina, One-Bedroom Loft Sleep 4, 26-31 January 2024 - AGODA
Our family of 4 spent 6 wonderful days here. The staff are so friendly, kind & helpful. Our loft was well designed, spacious, comfortable, and in a great location, very close to various beach clubs & multiple restaurants & beauty spas. We will definitely be returning.
Posted By: Dsouza, Two-Bedroom Loft, 2-9 January 2024 - GOOGLE
Stay here for 2 nights and really enjoy the place❤ Staffs were really helpful. If you love to hang outs, this is the perfect spot.
Posted By: Soebagyo, One-Bedroom Loft Sleep 2, 6-8 January 2024 - AGODA
What a treasure. I stayed here for 2 nights over New Year's, and it was only by chance as everything was heavily booked but I am SO happy I found this little gem! Everything about this property is amazing! The staff are so incredibly friendly and attentive. The room is incredibly modern and stylish - with electric black out blinds, split level apartment; kitchen - mini bar - lounge room! Very stylish is decoration …. I loved my stay here and will be back. It's a must - location is perfect.
Posted By: Drinkwater, One-Bedroom Loft Sleep 4, 31 December 2023 April – 2 January 2024 - AGODA
Central, clean, quiet. It's lovely staff - very comfortable. Have been going for years.
Posted By: Blink, Two-Bedroom Loft, 28 December – 1 January 2024 - BOOKING.COM
AMAZING. The property is chic. Small but beautiful. Staff are beyond compare. Amazing amazing amazing!!!!!
Posted By: Kumar, Studio, 11-17 December 2023 - AGODA
Exceptional. Very nice place to stay, staff we're very pleasant and helpful.
Posted By: Karner, Studio, 7-10 December 2023 - AGODA
It was okay, it's Bali and the room itself was slightly worn looking. Most of the team were great, clean, and in an area of bars, clubs, restaurants etc., so busy area.
Posted By: Good, One-Bedroom Loft Sleep 4 & Studio, 27 November – 4 December 2023 - AGODA
Short getaways. Had one of the best stay in Bali. Received a warm welcome by the team . The room is big and it was a walking distance from lot of good makan places.
Posted By: Yusof, Studio, 22-28 November 2023 - AGODA
Spacious and a very clean loft. I spend my honeymoon here. Staff are very friendly and helpful, close to everything to get yourself entertained.
Posted By: Wong, One-Bedroom Loft Sleep 2, 28-31 October 2023 - GOOGLE
World Class accommodation in the middle of beautiful Seminyak. Strategic location with many services just a stone throw away. Staffs are top notched with attention to details. Room is super clean.
Posted By: Wong, One-Bedroom Loft Sleep 4, 28-31 October 2023 - AGODA
Comfortable stay. Staff are friendly with not-too-bad facilities.
Posted By: Goh, Studio, 25-28 October 2023 - AGODA
Good value for families. Great location and nice loft style studio. Some fixtures are getting a little old but all clean and the staff were helpful. Beautiful house dog Ginger!
Posted By: Reynolds, One-Bedroom Loft Sleep 4, 17-19 October 2023 - AGODA
Love it here! The loft was great, location was good! And a special mention and love to our "special guest relation officer"- the dog named Ginger. Would definitely be staying in here on our next visit!
Posted By: Minelli, One-Bedroom Loft Sleep 4, 30 September – 3 October 2023 - TRAVELOKA
Great location, nice loft, amazing staff. Would definitely recommend this loft. Staff is very friendly and helpful.
Posted By: Kail, One-Bedroom Loft Sleep 2, 27-29 September 2023 - AGODA
Great location, overall clean and comfortable. We stayed for two nights and enjoyed the loft overall. Great location as it's walkable to Seminyak Village with all the eateries and cafes, and right beside Potato Head Beach Club. Both room and staff service were good - the 24 hour reception staff/guard always greeted us very warmly and they even help to set up each evening for turning in ( lowering the blinds, etc.). Note they are strict about the 12pm sharp checkout: the system will charge the extra 500,000 IDR for late checkout.
Posted By: Lim, One-Bedroom Loft Sleep 4, 21-23 September 2023 - AGODA
Location is very good, walking distance to Petitenget beach, and all the hype in seminyak area. Room was larger than expected, nice bedding. TV also include Youtube and Netflix, very nice. You can also cook in the room which is really nice to who travel with baby.
Posted By: Salimulana, Two-Bedroom Loft, 11-13 September 2023 - GOOGLE
Best location with committed staff. All you need are committed staff to manage the overall cleanliness of the apartment. They are extremely professional and friendly. Good location too.
Posted By: Lim, Two-Bedroom Loft, 29 August – 3 September 2023 - AGODA
숙소의 위치가 예술입니다 숙소위치가 좋다보니 스미냑의 어느곳으로 가던지 그랩도 바로바로 잡힙니다. 복층의 방이 워낙 커서 만족도가 높고 수영장 또한 이뻐서 좋았습니다. 너무 행복한 스미냑에서의 여행이였습니다. ( 호텔바로앞 도요타검정차 사설택시를 타지마세요 그랩보다 싸게해준다고 하지만 도착지에 도착하면 거스름돈이 없다고합니다 ㅋㅋ 결국 그랩보다 비싸게 탄셈이됩니다. 그리고 호텔 바로앞 BIKU라고 하는 인도네시안 레스토랑을 반드시 방문하세요 3번 이용함..
Posted By: Yoon, One-Bedroom Loft Sleep 4, 27-30 August 2023 - AGODA
Nice place to stay. Great location with lots of food option nearby.
Posted By: Siew, One-Bedroom Loft Sleep 4, 25-28 August 2023 - AGODA
Recommended. Staff ramah dan harus sesuai dgn jumlah nginep.
Posted By: Triyanti, Two-Bedroom Loft, 16-18 July 2023 - AGODA
Good and cozy for family with teens. Recommended stay, thanks Petitenget 501.
Posted By: Widaranti, One-Bedroom Loft Sleep 4, 24-25 April 2023 - AGODA